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"Down in the hull. A big blue box. It just appeared!"

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Why "bluebox"_icons? Because I am shamelessly in love with the Doctor and maybe this way cosmic waves of love will seep over the internet to the TARDIS and he will come and claim me as his own I quite like Doctor Who.


These are all the things (caps, brushes, lyrics, etc) that I use for my graphics. I'm sure it's not a complete list of everything, as I'll have forgotten some things. If you recognize any brushes etc. I'm using and haven't given credit for, let me know and I'll add them in there.

Brushes/Textures/Gradients etc.
> 8nero.net
> _euphory_
> 77words
> amythestia
> artistjosie
> ewanism
> ashke_icons
> braggadocio
> amoonlight
> myrasis
> palmaceae> dungeonesque
> zemie> hakanaidreams
> perletwo_ljcozy

Please note that most of these were found through cap_it

Lost  Lost-Media
Doctor Who >
Adventures in Time and Space
                      > Chaotic Creative
Life On Mars > a_starfish                        > flip18
Brokeback Mountain fadedsouls
Beauty and the Beast jsilverywitch
Bridget Jones's Diary > brakspants
Corpse Bride > hisatomi
Emma > desert_sky
             > typicrobots
Harry Potter (GoF) > dj43
Just Like Heaven > sciosophia
A Knight's Tale > defying
The Little Mermaid > nothing_less
Little Women desert_sky
The Notebook > rockstr009
                           > auto
Peter Pan > isabellecs
Pirates of the Caribbean > beizy
Pocahontas  > joeytheteapot
Pride and Prejudice > desert_sky
                                     > wickedripeplum
Red Eye > cursetheflame
Romeo and Juliet > foxsgrl17
Serendipity > jenzdesignz
Stage Beauty > chiron_slade
Treasure Planet > tanie_05
X-Men (1 & 2) > butterflysxy                          > castledracula

> hires_hunks
> hires_hotties


> Google
    > AZ Lyrics
    > LyricsDownload


> Dictionary.com
> Google Images